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Reduce the risk of virus & bacteria transmission in your living & work space

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Easy to use and cost effective solution to disinfect wide area & spaces

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Wirelessly control your UV-C Disinfection Tower from anywhere with mobile application

What Is UV-C Light?

UV-C light is a proven disinfectant against viruses, bacteria, molds and spores. Invisible to the human eyes, it is lethal to bacteria & viruses because of its power to breakdown the DNA Code or RNA of these pathogens and triggering mutations which prevent them from reproducing. It is used in disinfecting AIR, SURFACES & WATER. You can use it as your multipronged disinfection strategy against germs and secure yourself.


Esthetica’s UV-C Disinfection Tower has widespread applications and can be used to reduce the risk of virus & bacteria transmissions in your House, Spa, Salon, Gym, Hospital, Clinic, Labs, Ambulance, Office, Hotel, Supermarket, and Factories.


This advantageous product is made under Make in India initiative and has been tested by a FRAC (FICCI RESEARCH AND ANALYSIS CENTRE) Laboratory for its effectiveness to kill virus & bacteria. Test Reports can be shared on request. The product is also CE Certified. CE Certificate can be provided on request.


Ultraviolet Rays are harmful to skin & eyes. To use this product safely in your living or work space, We have installed a Delay Start feature of 15 seconds which allows the user 15 seconds to leave the area before the UVC lamp turns on. It also has a Motion Sensor which will not allow the UV-C Disinfection Tower to turn on if it detects any movement within its range of 6-8 meters. When no movement is detected for few seconds, it restarts the UV-C Disinfection Tower.