Why Should You Use UV Light For Disinfection?

For centuries, people have been using traditional disinfectant methods like bleach, hot water and name a few. But, the major question is – are these methods 100% effective?

And by now, we all know how harmful and dangerous virus and bacteria can be. In worst case scenario, germs can make a person seriously ill or result in fatal consequences.  UVC Disinfection Light is a powerful disinfectant equipment. The UVC light breaks the DNA and RNA code of of these germs and prevents them from reproducing. It is fast, effective, economical and chemical free disinfection technique.

But, there are many firms that are reluctant to give UV light sterilization a try. If you are one of those, then we hope that you will be convinced to invest in one by the end of this blog.

1- They are non-toxic: One of the most important benefits of UV lights is that they are non-toxic. Unlike the harsh chemicals used in sanitization products, UV lights are environment friendly as there is no residue left over or pungent smell after its use. We recommend to use Ozone free UV Sanitization Lamps.

It is safe to use on non-food items and food products. If you know and follow the protocols of its usage, the sectors like restaurant, hospitality and healthcare sector can offer proper and prevent the spread of virus infection by using UV Disinfection Systems.

2- Effective form of disinfection: UV lights is one of the most effective disinfection methods that are capable of killing a wide range of harmful organisms. Recently, there have been lot of international studies showing the effectiveness of UVC Light against illness causing harmful viruses and bacteria. In some cases, traditional disinfection methods can leave moisture behind which allows the fungi to thrive. Since UV disinfection is a dry method, the process will prevent any type of fungus growth.

3- Kills the pathogens without immunity: It is possible that you may be dealing with antibiotic-resistant bacteria, meaning your traditional disinfectant is of new use here. But, since UV disinfection is a physical method, the bacteria aren’t offered an opportunity to gain immunity. Therefore, UV disinfection can be a perfect addition in hospitals or assisted living facilities.

4- They are affordable: People have a misconception that UV disinfection is a costly sanitization method. Well, just because UV disinfection uses technology over chemicals, it doesn’t mean it is costly.

In fact, it can prove a practical investment as you only have to invest in it for one time and use it for years. The life of UVC Lamp is 9000 hrs. Plus, the unit can work autonomously once installed properly, meaning you can save the associated labour charges.

5- Safety : Almost everyone who decides to buy UV disinfection has one common question, “is it safe?” This concern is totally understandable as people are asked to stay away from the direct exposure of UV rays. There should be no animal, plants or human being using using these UVC Lights. But if you follow the operational instructions and other protocols of its usage then one can use them effectively without any harm. Further, latest UVC Disinfection Systems are coming with lot of safety features like delay start, Wi-Fi control, Remote Control Operation and human motion sensors.

Wrapping up

There you have it. We hope the perks and benefits of the UVC Disinfection Light mentioned above are convincing enough. If they are, then connect us to invest in one.